About the Resort

Shanghai Disneyland

When Guests enter the gates of a Disney theme park anywhere in the world, they are transported into a universe of imagination, fantasy and adventure. Here, Mickey Mouse and his friends come to life, the future beckons and dreams really do come true. With Shanghai Disneyland, Guests of all ages will have an exciting and extraordinary new place to play. Shanghai Disneyland will include signature Disney experiences that Guests around the world know and love, but will also feature exciting new elements that will be unique to the Shanghai Disney Resort. Shanghai Disneyland will be both authentically Disney and distinctly Chinese.

Creative Overview

Throughout Shanghai Disneyland, classic Disney characters and storytelling will blend with all-new attractions and experiences designed specifically for the people of China. The park will consist of several themed "lands," each with their own distinct attractions, entertainment and experiences. At the heart of the park will be Storybook Castle, the most interactive Disney castle yet, complete with entertainment, dining and performance spaces. It will truly be an attraction unto itself.

Innovation and Technology

Innovative new technology has always been a part of the Disney vacation experience, and Shanghai Disney Resort will continue that tradition. Shanghai Disneyland will take advantage of advances in technology to place Guests in exciting worlds where they can be part of the action like never before.